Organizational Structure

 The repair centre Přerov


The repair centre in Přerov with the registered office of the company, has been specialised for repairs of electric locomotives for many years. Initial repairs concerning all types of direct current locomotives with a pulse regulation and repairs of alternating and direct current locomotives have been enlarged successively to repairs of  direct current locomotives with a resistant regulation. In 2007 repairs of alternating current locomotives were taken up as well as electric units of the model range 471. Not only for repairs of the units mentioned above an new hall has been built in Přerov. The repair centre is equipped with a testing station for electric locomotives, a underfloor lathe, which was completely overhauled in 2010, a workplace for repairs of electric engines, a testing station of spiral springs and a workshop for capacity testing of alcalic and Pb batteries. In 2008 a railway weighing machine and a certified workplace for repairs and testing of pressure distributors and brakes were established. The workplace has a new vyvažovačkou, too. Next, repainting of the locomotive bodies including advertisement inscription at the paintshops in Olomouc and in Valašské Meziříčí can be offered. In addition to this, in Olomouc wheelsets are repaired and nose bearings are lined, in Valašské Meziříčí are specialists for epairs of gear boxes of the PRAGA 2M70 and 2M90 model ranges.

 The repair centre Nymburk



The repair centre in Nymburk carries out repairs of all model ranges of dieselelectric locomotives and their main parts, electric units of the 854 model range and coaches of the 020, 021, 050 and 053 model range. The repair centre can repair units with GP200 boogies which are not currently used. Next, repairs of motor units of the 810 model range and coaches of the 010, 012 model ranges, which are moved to the repair centre in Veselí nad Moravou for the model ranges to be unified. Then, special railways vehicles used for track maintenance have been repaired as well. For example, the boogies and frames of the PA300 auxiliary aggregates, boogies of the SČ600 cleaning railway machines, the MVTV2 vehicles for over-head wire maintenance, the MD1 + MD1.1 monitoring carriages, etc. In 2007 this repair centre started general inspections of boogies at the electric units of the 680 model range. The repair centre is equipped with an underfloor lathe for renewing of the operational profile without taking the wheelsets out of the boogie. Next, there are specialised workshops for repairs of jet pumps, water pumps and combustion engine regulators followed by workplaces for repairs of traction motors and a testing place for spiral springs. The repair centre carries out repairs of NiCd electric batteries. Part of the production programme are repairs of wheelsets. As regard the repair of the wheelsets, a renewing of the operational profile according to the customers´ needs, setting up of the spoke wheels, brake discs and axle bolts are carried out. Worn out or shifted wheel rims are exchanged. If the dimensions of the spoke wheels are not acceptable, there is a welding place where additional material can be welded to the rims and balanced afterwards. Next, a welding-up of wheel rims and disc wheels directly on the boogies of a vehicle, trued by means of the underfloor lathe are carried out at this workplace. In 2007 a workplace for repairs of piston compressors was established. This workplace has been used for repairs ordered by external customers. In 2008 a machine for dynamic equilibration of wheelsets and rotors was installed. Then in 2009 this workplace was additionally equipped with a device for jet blasting. The most important investment in 2009 is a continuous equipment, the main part has been a new press machine for wheelsets.

 The repair centre Veselí nad Moravou


Motor units of the 809, 810, 811 model ranges including special vehicles of the 892 type serie, the 010, 011, 012, coaches of the 015 model ranges and since the DPOV, a.s. has been established the 842 motor coaches with the coaches of the 042 model ranges and motor units composed of the coaches of the  843, 043 and 943 model ranges have been traditionally repaired in the repair centre in Veselí nad Moravou. This repair centre is sufficiently equipped to repair the LIAZ, TEDOM combustion engines including grinding of crankshafts and brake tests of motors at the testing place, since 2008 there has been a technology for Allison hydromechanic gear boxes and RV 210 gear boxes. Repairs of speedometers are carried out at a specialised workplace with testing. A technological part of the repairs are welding-up of spare parts and other welding work including aluminium welding. Nowadays a new hall has been built for main repairs of the 814 model range units. Final painting is done at the workplace in Břeclav.