Repairs of Wheelsets

At the upgraded workplace in Nymburg we carry out repairs of almost all kinds of wheelsets except of them which are used for the narrow gauge tracks.

We offer the following repairs:

  • exchange of wheel rims
  • turning of the bogie pivots
  • profile calibrating
  • crack detection
  • wheelsets measurements (gauge, operational profile, disc or spoke wheel diameters)
  • press-on works (exchange of disc wheels, full wheels, spoke wheels, toothed wheels)
  • renewing of holes in the disc wheels and spoke wheels

Next, we do sufracing of spoke wheels in width and in diameter, then a static and dynamic balancing. Each wheelset is equipped with a summary of dimensions, a certificate of registration and a balance certification.

We line with white meal all kinds of nose bearings. Next, we line piston bearings and connecting rod bearings for historical steam engines.