Upgrading or changes f the approved status are carried out as a part of the main repair or as an individual order according to the approved documentation. On client´s demand we process suggested requirements and subsequent approval and implementation and execution. We carry out far reaching changes of the approved status. At the workplace in Přerov locomotives of the 363 model range (max. speed 120km/h) have been upgraded to the 362 model range (max. speed 140km/h). Next, locomotives of the 150.2 model range (max. speed 140km/h) have been upgrade to the locomotives of the 151 model range (max. speed 160km/h), together with the installation of a control system and electrodynamic brakes. At the vehicles of the 471 model range „CITY ELEFANT“ we do TSI bypassing of emergency brakes,  mounting of the emergency brake mode and diminishing the noise of the air condition system – everything in accordance with the EU legislature. Recently, together with the user we test the outside illumination. The repair centre in Nymburk does most of the changes of the approved status on all types of the vehicles which are part of the production programme. Next, this repair centre contributes considerably to the continuous improvent of the railway vehicles. The repair centre in Veselí nad Moravou does the changes of the approved status. Besides, upgrading of the 810 model range is done as well, consisting of mounting a new Tedom combustion engine and in upgrading of the interior so as to improve the travelling comfort.